I could give you a long winded write up on how I came from a promt entitled ‘perennial’ to end up with a Wildebeest, but I like you more than that *

*it involves the yearly stampede when they migrate. Can you tell I am anxiously awaiting the re-release of Lion King?



Have you heard about this? I never thought an exhibit could get me as excited as the Tim Burton one…I was wrong. Currently touring right now, brought to you by the Smithsonian, is the “Jim Henson’s Fantastic World” exhibit.  Featuring all the amazing work of one amazingly creative dude.  The exhibit mirrors the Burton one in many ways. It begins with a retrospective look at his work including sketches that predate the Muppets and the original Kermit the frog, cut from his mothers green coat (I imagine she was slightly less than pleased initially) Of course there are Puppets, Muppets, and Fraggles galore. This is an amazing opportunity to inside  of the wild, outrageous, and at times macbre mind of a man who will live on forever in the minds of those who grew up loving puppets.




I don’t like drawing people, least of all men. At least with women its like playing dress up, I can draw pretty hair and dresses that I wish I owned lol.  In preperation for school in the fall I am coaxing myself into doing more figurative and portraiture work, especially more guys.  This week is a twofer, a pair of smirks (facial gesture)

*Ten more days until I can ditch my internet stick and have real high speed again and won’t have to limit my internet time anymore and can post when ever I want! Woooooh hooooo!

IF: Stay

Having retrieved the information she needed she sashayed out of the room, quietly closing the door behind her. (I have been in a film noir mood Lately)

I got around to finishing up my sketch for last weeks illustration friday prompt so I figure I will post it up. Nothing better than chilling on the porch with sweet tea and a book (oh and a BIG citronella candle out of the frame of the picture, since there are not a million bugs pinging off that porch light lol)

IF: Remedy

A good remedy for the blues is puppy breath!

(also I screwed up the first link to this, left out a forward slash, but on the plus side, look how early I got it in!)

Cake Pops

So I made an attempt at these a few weeks ago with a different tutorial that was horrid resulting in gloppy cake balls. This one worked great (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXCm7XTKXRc  if your interested) I find the key is to keep them cold. I did them in small batches, taking them out a few at a time to dip in the candy melt coating. Also you can dye candy melts with wilton gel color.

*Also must apologize for being a negligent blogger, have just finished apartment shopping, am now packing, and shall soon be moving. I do have some new art to post up soon though, I promise